El Greco’s Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr…Granduncle

The British Library has a new collection of digitized Greek manuscripts, including one from 10th – 12th C.
What I learned today: The authorial Evangelists had scribes! They didn’t have to do all the composition and publication work themselves.
Here’s a page from Burney MS 19 showing St-John dictating to his scribe Prochorus.

Gospel of St John Burney MS 19, ff 165r-211r

From Trebuchets in the Garden:

The youth pushed the pile of gems, buttons, and brooches into a mound. “Is this enough?”

Avraham shook his head as he always did at this point in a trade. “My scroll is a mere fragment, but it’s said to be written by your St-John’s own hand.”

“Sancta Maria, it’s in Latin. And only a fool would think it’s a thousand years old,” the youth said. “Just tell me yes or no.”

“Avraham ben Yitzchak is not the one to argue over your saint’s Gospel,” Avraham said, ready to cede the bargain. “At your last visit, I guessed that you’d want it soon. It’s sealed in waxed parchment. Shall I break the seal so you can inspect it again?”

“I trust you.”

“And I’ll take your buttons and the stones you chipped from your family drinking cups. But you might as well keep this ring.” He laid the bauble before the youth.

“You don’t want it?”

“It’s not worth the brass and glass it’s made of. It’s as false as you are, donzel.”

Credits: British Library Digitised Manuscripts – Burney MS 19, ff 165r-211r

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