Crux Lunata: Heading South

I’m deep in the draft of Book 3 of Accidental Heretics, tentatively titled Crux Lunata.
Here’s a brief unedited piece–which may or may not appear in the final version. Read on…
Majlis al Jinn Cave, Oman

“Don’t call me ‘Little Brother.’ I stand taller than You.”

“But I’m older than you.” The djinn who falsely called himself Ahriman handed the towering angel a blood-red globe of fruit. “Taste this. In this part of the world, they’ve improved greatly on your so-called Creator’s original handiwork.”

“We both come from a Time other than the Beginning, the Day when God separated Earth from Water. In that, we are Equals.” The angel Grigor sniffed the globe and made a face, displeased.

“No, little one, I came here through a chasm, from another place and a different time. As did most of your brothers.”

“Heresy. The Father of Heaven created us All. He revealed Himself to Children of the Book, which He delivered to them at a Price above Gold.”

“Ai, you innocent!” The djinn laughed. “The creatures crawling the sands here are indeed children. And what is any book worth in their marketplace?”

“Your People believe as Mine do.”

“My people? I have no people,” the false Ahriman said. “These tribes shift with the sands, where they live, what they believe. Now they see me, now they can’t. Now they fear you, now they beg your protection. If you aren’t going to eat that, little one, give it back.” He tapped the globe in Grigor’s hand. If you could call that shape a hand.

“We are Agents of our Creator. We bring Deliverance and assist in Judgment. We do as our Heavenly Father bids, you and I.” The angel handed back the orange. “And My Father provided me with the form of Man’s mouth only so that I might speak His Commands, not to Defile it with Fruits of the Earth.”

“Poor Grigor. We have no father, you and I. And I am never bid,” the djinn boasted. With the long nail of his forefinger, he split the fruit’s peel with one long cutting scratch. “And, I might add, many of your angel-brothers have also asserted their personal powers. I go where I will, and do as I want.”

“I will tell the tale of one time when that wasn’t true.”

— Ibn Jafar, The Poet
From Tales of the Angel and the Djinn
Sent from Seville at the command of Al-Mu’minin Abu `Abd-Allah, Commander of the Faithful, Amir of Seville, Caliph of Cordoba

(c) 2013 E.A. Stewart. All rights reserved.

Image Credit: Majlis al Jinn Cave, Oman, which I found pinned or reproduced in several places, but none with attribution. If this is your original work, please let me know.

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