Heretics at the Beach? Holiday in the Languedoc?

Sitges Harbor
Last night, several readers told me they were packing Bone-mend and Salt to read on vacation. Two said they’d already read Bone-mend, and just downloaded Trebuchets in the Garden, eagerly anticipating the chance to read on the plane flight or first day in a beach chair.

So excited to hear that—because it’s why I wrote it. Over an earlier decade, I waited for the next installment of Dorothy Dunnett’s House of Niccolò series, or a new Outlander title, so that I could be immersed in another world on the first few days of vacation. Nothing like a fat adventure to get work out of your mind so that you’re ready to play.

If you read any of Accidental Heretics while on vacation, please let me know if the book performed as it’s supposed: Mind now empty of work? Senses filled with the Languedoc countryside?

— Annie Stewart

2 thoughts on “Heretics at the Beach? Holiday in the Languedoc?

  1. I downloaded onto my Kindle the 2 available Accidental Heretics novels for the long airplane flights and my 4 week trip to Carcassonne and Biarritz. Nothing like immersing myself in the history, food, and culture while relaxing with a Pain au Chocolat and café crème.
    The trip and books both delivered magnificently! The sense of full circle occurred while hiking in the Black Mountains and walking through 4 hill top ruins of Lastours chateaux, all built by Simon de Montfort . Day trips to Saissac and other Cathar sites were all the more rich for knowing the history of the region and having a context to place the sites and culture of the books. This powerful combination really made the trip memorable. Next I will have to hit some of places closer to Spain.
    I truly recommend Carcassonne and the surrounding region for a trip to France. The cities and sites and people were so much more real and welcoming than some of the more touristy spots of Paris and Normandy (but still great places to visit). Oh – and also read the Accidental Heretics – you won’t be disappointed.

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