Just before the dawn of the Inquisition …

A Moorish mercenary—mutilated and left to die, harangued by his father’s ghost—seeks revenge, since justice seems unlikely.

Banned as a Cain, a French knight seeks respite—with a sword to battle his betrayers.

A Catalan widow holds her own fate—until a gold-sniffing priest accuses her of heresy.

… while a hidden enemy traps them in a “crusade” run amok: Simon de Montfort is spreading terror to flush heretics from their lairs, shouting over the voices of the troubadours. Pedro of Aragon cannot persuade Simon to temper justice with mercy.

Bone-mend and Salt - Book 1 of Accidental Heretics series

Trebuchets in the Garden - Book 2 of Accidental Heretics










Bone-mend and Salt, Book 1

…launches the long journey these three undertake to find their enemy, while a holocaust is being kindled in the cities and villages of the Languedoc. Learn more …

Trebuchets in the Garden, Book 2

…continues the arc of conspiracy and revenge. Ignoring demands from Pope Innocent III to temper justice with mercy, Simon de Montfort advances his campaign of terror across the Languedoc. The trio searches for respite and justice—just as Simon prepares to light the next heretics’ pyre. Learn more …

Crux Lunata: Lost in the ReconquistaComing Soon: 
Crux Lunata, Book 3

A spy in Andalusia finds a royal death cult and meets his nemesis: a djinni. An ink-stained monk in the Pyrenees uncovers a plot led by the treacherous Knights of the Lunate Cross. Call them heretics if you must, but someone must save Pedro d’Aragón before the Reconquista armies gallop into a trap in the heart of Andalusia. Read a preview chapter…